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how to make money by writing hokey selfpub romance: a (nearly) complete guide





so a pal of mine who wishes to remain anonymous asked me for advice re: what to write for maximum selfpub sales, how to go about it, tips and tricks, that sort of thing. their first book took a few weeks to write, has only been out for a few days, and is already in the top 2,000 selling books on all of amazon right now, so i count that as a success!

i’m going to share my tactics with all of you because it’s entirely replicable and all of you are better writers than i am, so there’s no reason why you can’t smash it out of the fucking park too

this assumes you already know the basics of writing and all that jazz, and don’t find it too hard to write 30-50k stories. okay? okay. here goes!

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Hokay, inspired by this, I have just started Project MamaNeedsAMortgage. More on this later.

EXCELLENT! Everyone, do the thing!

I can barely write 500 words but those of you who are not lazy uninspired fucks should totally do the thing

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Unarmed black men killed by police SINCE Mike Brown



  • Dante Parker
  • Ezell Ford

Both of these incidents come out of California:



please please please dont forget these men’s names and brutal murders when talking about recent police brutality and racism

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