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like it’s not “whoops I’m PREGNANT AGAIN tee hee time for an abortion!!” 

nobody fuckin does that. nobody

it’s more along the lines of

do you want an abortion or do you want to die

do you want an abortion or do you want to watch your baby die after a week

do you want an abortion or do you want your life to fall apart around you because of a child you are either unable or unfit to support

do you want to give up a fetus or a living, breathing baby

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disney channel used to have the best shows

Wtf was life with Derek ? Who Derek only Derek I know is Derek Jeter. That’s how you spell it righ ?

Life with derek was this show about how this guy derek and his family, and kasey and her family become one family. Their parents get married and the kids learn how to get along, kasey was one of the main characters and you saw a lot of things from her point of view. She has to deal with her new brother derek who she really doesn’t like cause he’s kind of a dick.

^^fun fact, life with Derek got canceled cause they had too much sexual tension between the “step siblings”.

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I’m getting a dog to train as a psychiatric service dog, but my family won’t help me cover the costs. At all. I have a job but it’s only part time and I have to take shifts where I can get them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! If you can’t donate please please signal boost?

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